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This recipe is a great for parties or just to have it on the fridge for any occasion. Its quite simple and delicious with veggie sticks! It is a great way for eating raw veggies all day long alone or with great company. [stextbox id=”black” caption=”Ingredients (Makes 2 Servings)”] 1/2 cup zucchini, cut into chunks (peeled) 2  tbs sesame paste “Tahini” (Look for raw version) 2  tbsp of chickpea miso (or yellow unpasteurized miso)* ¼  cup of cold pressed olive […]

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To make this lovely, eye-catching, and nutritious salad, you will only need to use your hands.  No heavy machinery required!  As you will see, this delicious gourmet dish only takes a few minutes to make and requires only a few very fresh ingredients.  This salad can be served as a side dish to almost any meal, or as a tantalizing appetizer salad to introduce any lunch or supper. For best results, make sure to use only the freshest ingredients you […]

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If you’re feeling a little rundown, why not go back to the basics and make yourself a delicious and nutritious raw vegan smoothie? This smoothie recipe, loaded with fresh kale and apples, requires only the simplest of ingredients, all of which can be found in any grocery or health store.  Regular servings will help you boost your cells with lots of vitamins and cancer-fighting phytochemicals and nutrients. All you need is a good blender and a great sense of adventure! […]

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